2019 Norse Cove Camping and Amazing Island Adventures

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Welcome aboard "Otr the Whaly Boat"

for an unforgettable experience visiting the largest coastal island wilderness area in Nova Scotia. See the flat face of Ship Rock Island where the sailors of the 19th century honed their cannon skills. Walk off the boat onto the white sand beaches of one of the Wild Islands and stay for a while. Enjoy the natural habitat of the local birdlife and sea-life. Have a picnic on the beach or a lobster dinner on the rocks near a rainforest. We offer Signature Experiences that include meals and camping.

Signature Experience: Romantic Island Getaway

Your tour guide will deliver you to your private campsite on one of the Eastern Shore Wild Islands; fully equipped with a pitched tent, bedding and all of your camping needs, including firewood for your own beachside campfire, making easy work of grilling your fresh-made, burger lunch.


You will be left to enjoy the pristine surroundings, and when evening arrives, your lobster and wine dinner will be ready for you to prepare, camp-style. Marvel at the stars under dark skies, appreciate the serenity of the pounding surf, and the privacy to focus on each other.  Your packed picnic includes snacks and a continental breakfast.


The boat returns at 9:00 am to take you back through the wild islands to return to the Norse Cove Camping boat launch.


Package for two people includes:

  • Fully equipped campsite (pitched tent, sleeping bags, pillows and mats, lantern, mess kit, towels and other camping necessities)

  • 2-hour round-trip boat tour of the wild islands

  • Lobster dinner ingredients including bread, wine, salad and butter

  • Burgers and drinks picnic lunch

  • Snacks

  • Continental breakfast (baked goods, cheese, fruit and juice)

  • Depart at noon and pick up at 9 am

  • Donation to Nova Scotia Nature’s Trust


$478 + tax for two people